Why Won’t FOX Release Those ‘X-Files’ Blu-Rays?


Fans have been waiting for nearly a full decade for word on a Blu-Ray release of The X-Files. In 2008, when it was revealed that the two films would get a Blu-Ray release, producer Frank Spotnitz reported that Fox had no plans to release the series in HD format. In 2012 the rumors started popping yet again, with a hopes of a Blu-Ray release in 2013. It didn’t happen.

Oddly enough, Germany has been re-airing the full series in 1080p. ¬†That’s right, somewhere out there Fox is sitting on an HD remaster of the entire series, including a full wide-screen makeover for the earlier seasons that lacked it. Why is Fox only airing this in Germany? Why not release the Blu-Ray set or at least air the damn thing in the United States?

One theory is that Fox is waiting to see how the proposed X-Files sequel/reboot situation plays out. Earlier this month, series creator Chris Carter described the new heads at Fox to be “friends of” Mulder and Scully, confirming that there have been conversations. Hopefully we get a sequel of some sorts instead of a reboot. The final season, while boasting some great “monster of the week” episodes and the excellent Agent Doggett (Robert Patrick), was more or less a failed attempt at rebooting the series without Duchovny’s Mulder…and when Duchovny did come back for the series finale we were left with a massive cliffhanger that wasn’t even addressed in the second movie.

So what’s it gonna be Fox? Whether we get an X-Files reboot or an X-Files sequel, it’s high time the fans were treated to a clean, HD release of the legendary series.

Take a look at these screenshots and try not to get angry.

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Click here for more screenshots. 

  • FoxMulder900

    Those screenshots look so good! I’m tired of my fuzzy letterbox DVDs that aren’t much better than the VHS versions :/

  • Caro Hansen

    would love too have all seasons in blu – ray

    • wtriker1701

      This day HAS to come!

  • DrRocker

    Please Fox give us the Whole Truth: X Files third movie; reboot; and blu ray of seasons 1 – 9!

  • EGO

    HDX Vudu for my plate please.

  • Craig

    I looked at the screenshots. Now I’m angry.

  • chagrinshaw

    I’ve been watching the German broadcast downloads I acquired- and the look like they were shot yesterday! Beautiful hd pictures. If there are no plans within this year to release them over here then I’ll be pissed… impossible to find more than a handful of them online anywhere. It’s like watching a new show.

  • Acidicpack78

    Watching it on Netflix now and boy is it painful. Don’t get me wrong the show is epic but the quality really suffers. We need a Blu-ray release