Watch this absolutely PERFECT Robin Williams tribute.


It’s been a rough week. We lost one of the most beloved, gentle, kind and inspiring actor-comedians of the past generation. …and while I’ve been distracted by some of the other horrors of the past week (Ferguson, Gaza), there’s a unique bittersweet feeling that I get when my mind returns to the loss of Robin Williams.

Mr. Williams was such an important figure in my life growing up. He made me laugh in Aladdin, he taught me about divorce in Mrs. Doubtfire, he captured my imagination in Hook and touched my heart in Good Will Hunting. As someone who struggles with depression, it was always a small source of comfort to look to him as a beacon of hope. A childhood hero who was still fighting a very real, personal battle, a battle that I understood. He was encouraging us to do the same, telling us that it was a battle worth fighting.  It hurts to know that he lost his battle. With the pain of his passing, he is still bringing the seriousness of depression to light, hopefully encouraging people not only to get support, but to be supportive to others as well.

Keeping that in mind, take a minute out of your day to watch this beautiful, heart-warming tribute to Mr. Robin Williams: