That wasn’t Lorde on South Park. Was it Sia?


Last night’s South Park, which is currently available on Hulu, tackled another sensitive issue with gross-out humor and evil antics from Cartman as they addressed whether or not transgender children need their own bathroom or if they are allowed to use the bathroom in which they are more comfortable.  Oddly enough, this isn’t topic causing the most commotion this morning, it’s the B story in which Stan’s father Randy poses as…and may actually be…New Zealand Singer Lorde.

The episode slowly unravels Randy Marsh’s secret, paying tribute to Breaking Bad while simultaneously poking fun at this Spin Magazine article addressing the previous week’s episode in which Lorde-Randy made his first appearance.

In the end of the episode we finally hear a finished “Lorde song” which many viewers thought sounded a little too good to be one of the regular South Park voice actors.  In fact, people immediately suspected that the voice was actually Lorde herself.  Unfortunately, Lorde tweeted that it was not her and she had no involvement in the episode whatsoever.  So who was the mystery voice?

I, and many others, believe that it belongs to the talented Sia.  For those of you think you don’t know Sia, she was in the band Zero 7, performed the song “Breathe Me” that was famously featured in the Six Feet Under finale and more recently had a big summer hit with “Chandelier“.  She also wrote “Diamonds” for Rhianna and a slew of other hits for artists like Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Britney Spears and Celine Dion.  Not only could the singing voice easily be Sia’s, but a random little girl never before seen on South Park, suddenly appears in the girl’s bathroom in the beginning of the episode…guess who she resembles?  Additionally, the nameless character’s voice sounds like Sia’s only sped up, right down to the little squeak and crackles.  Here is recent her interview on Howard Stern for comparison.

If it is really Sia, would she address it?  Probably not.  She kept her name off of the ending credits and for such an established performer she keeps an oddly low profile, going out of her way to hide her face in public appearances and keeping her name off of most of the songs she contributes to.  Regardless, it’s kind of cool that she did this.

Maybe it would be more fun if we never found out.

  • faye

    i thought it was Sia toooooo!!!!!!