New Zelda game to be open-world à la Skyrim

This year Nintendo’s E3 presence was rather minimal, leaving all major announcements to a 45-minute online ‘Nintendo Direct’.  The Big N took advantage of the small gap of time, showing off a spiritual successor to Yoshi’s Story, a new Xenoblade game, a Super Mario level editor, Bayonetta 2, a Kirby’s Canvas Curse sequel, an original (awesome-looking) IP and announcing two new Smash Bros. characters (Mii and Patulena).

All of this of course paled in comparison to the much-anticipated Zelda reveal.  -which did not disappoint. At all. Series director Eiji Anouma said he felt restricted by breaking the previous 3-D Zelda entries into different hub-worlds or islands and sought to bring back the free-roaming freedom that he felt from the NES and Super Nintendo iterations. As a result, the currently untitled Zelda game will be a completely open-world experience, much like Skyrim.

Little else has been revealed about the game but the brief teaser did reveal a gorgeous “animated fantasy” aesthetic, not unlike Skyward Sword or even Wind Waker.

Take a look at the teaser: