Jon Lajoie Hilariously Rips Every Annoying Ad of the Past 5 Years


It’s been really exciting to watch Jon Lajoie’s career take shape as he crawls outside of his taco shell and blossoms into a beautiful chalupa-fly. Those muddy low-grade home videos are long behind him but I don’t regret forcing my friends to watch Show Me Your Genitals at every party I went to six years ago. Seriously, it’s still funny as hell.  Ok, so perhaps not much has changed in my own life but Jon Lajoie has crossed over more than just the Canadian border. The aspring comic has gone from shooting rap videos about how normal his every day life was to co-starring on the FX comedy hit The League and getting his own Comedy Central special.  If you’ve seen his videos, it’s not hard to believe either.  The guy is absolutely hilarious.

Of course Jon’s YouTube channel seemed to slow down as his fame slowly grew- though every now and then he would bless us with another gem like his anti-marriage equality video. Today, Mr. Lajoie released a video that easily stands beside his classics with a surprisingly well-produced send-up of modern day commercials. It perfectly captures those sugary indie-pop songs that have candy-coated every mobile device ad since 2009.  Without spoiling the video’s charm, I’ll just warn viewers that it gets morbid in it’s last moments …though fans of his Cold Blooded Christmas carol probably won’t mind. Just watch it.

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Be sure to check out Jon Lajoie’s YouTube channel and his official website.