Awful ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ poster inspires Photoshop mockery

What you see above is the official poster for X-Men: Days of Future Past. Yeah, pretty awful. You’ll notice that I “forgot” to include it when I discussed the new X-Men trailer on Monday, opting for some pretty sweet fan-art instead. That was intentional. Not only are lighting and shadowing effects poorly done but the positioning of the characters is awkward at best. Placing a hovering wheelchair-bound Professor X (Patrick Stewart) above an unexplained cloud of fire was probably not the best idea.

Thankfully, the internet is host to thousands of people who are more skilled with Photoshop and have a better sense of humor, than whoever made the poster above.

Observe these superior modifications:



…and the grand finale (warning: immature humor). 

Cool Stuff You May Have Missed In the New ‘X-Men’ Trailer

artist: Rich Davies

 I can’t lie. I’m very excited for X-Men: Days of Future Past to come out.

For those of you who still feel burned from the insultingly abysmal third X-Men film or the heart-breakingly bad Origins: Wolverine, I understand. Believe me. In fact, we were pretty damn lucky to get something as fantastic as X-Men: First Class after these two stinkers almost soiled the X-Men cinematic universe forever. We were especially lucky that the first two choices to direct X-Men 3, Bryan Singer (X-Men, X2) and Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake), were brought in to work on the First Class as producer and director, respectively. As evidenced in X-Men and X2, Bryan Singer understands and loves the universe while Vaughn’s sensibilities to craft an exciting, coherent film made First Class  widely approachable beyond just a comic book audience.

Now we have X-Men: Days of Future Past, which will have Singer back in the director’s chair and Vaughn on writing duty. Singer promises that Days of Future Past will rectify the misdeeds of X-Men 3 while doing complete justice to what is arguably the most well-known story in the X-Men universe. Without spoiling too much, Days of Future Past will unify cast members of the original trilogy with the actors of First Class thanks to a darker story-line involving the use of time travel.

In case you missed it, the second trailer for Days of Future Past released earlier this morning:

It’s such a fast-paced and exciting trailer that it’s pretty easy to miss stuff.

  • Not that you missed Halle Berry’s Storm about to get killed by what I assume is a Future Sentinel.

  • We now have confirmation that it is indeed Kitty Pryde who sends Wolverine through time. This is a spin on the original comic story-line wherein Kitty herself passes through a time warp to fix things.



  • Quicksilver still looks ridiculous and has apparently duct-taped someone to the wall. …but hey, he has good taste in music!quicksilver  




  • …but wait, what the hell is he doing with the Sentinels? The Sentinels are his enemy- robots programmed to kill mutants!

This actually might be a scene right out of the Ultimate X-Men comics version of Days of Future Past (potential spoilers!).

  •  Blink (Bingbing Fan), a mutant with powers right out of the game Portal, is in the movie as well. In the trailer we get a quick shot of her in action, working in conjunction with the abilities of Iceman (Shawn Ashmore) and it’s pretty damn cool:

  •  We also get to see Sunspot in action and he is definitely not someone I would want to mess with-


  • Finally, we know that scientist Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) and his machines of mass genocide, “Sentinels” will be major villains but might there be a larger force behind the post-apocalyptic future? Many fans speculate that classic villain Nimrod will make an appearance in the film, and may in fact be the “big bad”. In the X-Men comic book lore, Nimrod is a self-aware descendant of the Sentinel with the ability to shape-shift and regenerate parts of his body. In the Ultimate universe, Nimrod’s programming is fused with the consciousness of X-Men antagonist William Striker, someone we first met in X2 and who is incidentally also appearing in this film.

What do you think?  Is this Nimrod?

X-Men: Days of Future Past opens in theaters everywhere on May 21st.

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