Louie’s back!


After an entire year of waiting, the Emmy award-winning comedy series Louie is finally back.  Louis CK’s delightfully uncomfortable and equally hilarious series airs on FX, can be seen on Netflix Instant Watch or obtained through Amazon. Watch it. Watch all of it.

After taking an extended hiatus from the series to concentrate on other projects, including movie roles, a new HBO comedy special and developing new series for FX, Louis CK has returned all of his focus to writing, producing, directing and starring in the eponymous highly-rated series. Planned story-arcs from the upcoming season are mostly unknown though the teasers below imply further embarrassment and torture in the name of finding a new love. Also being kept under-wraps are the possible guest-stars for the upcoming season but if it’s anything like Season 3, we should expect some fun surprises.

As a thank you for the long wait, the fourth season will consist of 14 episodes despite FX only ordering the usual 13.

Louie returns to FX on May 5th with two back to back episodes. Check out the preview clips below to get a taste of the awkward humor you can expect this summer.




“Head Over Heels”



“Magic Wand”

“What’s Your Name?”

“Career Advice”



To check out tour dates or download any of his older comedy specials, visit Louis CK’s official website.