Here’s The Full Trailer For The New ‘Ninja Turtles’ Movie


Fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise have had a lot to be happy about with the success of the recent Nickelodeon animated series…but in the back of our minds, we all knew that something sinister was still on the horizon. We didn’t want to acknowledge it, to accept it, but there was no changing the facts. The Megan Fox-led, Michael Bay-produced Ninja Turtles live-action movie reboot was coming. Despite the awful script (which Michael Bay claims is no longer being used), the awful character redesigns and the controversial changes to the Turtle’s origin, the movie is happening.

– and soon.

The full trailer, which is attached to Captain America: Winter Soldier, was just released. Take a look…

I’ve been hoping that this movie won’t be awful. I want to like it. I want it to be good. I’m going to try to say nice things about it.

  • ¬†Will Fichtner is in it. He’s a great character actor and was awesome in Prison Break.
  • Leonardo still uses katanas.
  • Michaelangelo looks like a terrifying combination of “Toxie” and a Cabbage Patch doll- see, damn it, I’ve already lost.


I don’t know anymore.