New Ninja Turtles Movie Trailer: Less Bad Than You Expected


I’ve been very blunt about my distaste for this upcoming Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Maybe it’s the weeks of quiet seething, maybe it’s my Dragon Ball: Evolution-levels of low expectations, maybe it’s the fact that I hate nearly every film associated with Michael Bay and have no hopes of this living up to the franchise’s better moments (the first movie, the Nintendo games, the IDW comics, the Nickelodeon series)….

…but I didn’t hate this trailer. I’m actually feeling a little better about how the turtles look in action, specifically Leonardo. I also found myself laughing at Michelangelo’s threat to April- it felt very much in line with his classic persona. I’m still not anticipating this to be very good but my curiosity is piqued. My interest levels have upgraded from “projectile acid vomit” to “moderately apathetic shrug”.

Judge for yourself:

Megan Fox’s delivery at the end of that trailer though. She comes off flatter than a Daria character.