New details, gameplay trailers for Pokémon fighter “Pokkén Tournament”

Announced in 2014 Pokkén Tournament is an arcade-fighter being developed by the team behind the Tekken and Soul Calibur games.  Initially we were only given brief footage of Lucario fighting Machamp but this morning we’ve been treated to new footage, a trailer and a wealth of brand-new gameplay details.

It would appear that Pokken Tournament is not just a straight-up Tekken style fighter but rather a more complex and Pokemon-inspired than previously thought. Your character, a Pokemon trainer, first selects a Pokemon based on the grading of your preference.  Pokemon fighters are categorized into three different grades: Field offense, Duel offense and Resonance Burst. When the game begins the two Pokemon are placed on opposite ends of a large 3D field.  In this mode, your character can fire off special attacks, jump, run and dodge in full 3D.  When the two characters get close enough, the game leaves it’s “field mode” and enters into “duel mode”.  In duel mode the camera becomes fixed and the game will feel more closely related to Tekken in terms of combat-style.  Your characters also have a Resonance Burst, a character-specific move similar to an “ultra” from the Street Fighter series or a “final smash” from Smash Bros.


When selecting your Pokemon before each mach, you also have the option of selecting a Pokemon partner to assist you in the match.  These support characters can be summoned during combat and provide a variety of moves to defend you or damage the other character. Buttons during gameplay are for “Light Attack”, “Heavy Attack”, “Guard”, “Throw”, “Support” and a button simply referred to as “Pokemon” (which likely employs unique special abilities).

Thus far the game is only confirmed for arcade release but I strongly expect a Wii U port will be announced shortly after.

Take a look at some gameplay videos: