New details, gameplay trailers for Pokémon fighter “Pokkén Tournament”

Announced in 2014 Pokkén Tournament is an arcade-fighter being developed by the team behind the Tekken and Soul Calibur games.  Initially we were only given brief footage of Lucario fighting Machamp but this morning we’ve been treated to new footage, a trailer and a wealth of brand-new gameplay details.

It would appear that Pokken Tournament is not just a straight-up Tekken style fighter but rather a more complex and Pokemon-inspired than previously thought. Your character, a Pokemon trainer, first selects a Pokemon based on the grading of your preference.  Pokemon fighters are categorized into three different grades: Field offense, Duel offense and Resonance Burst. When the game begins the two Pokemon are placed on opposite ends of a large 3D field.  In this mode, your character can fire off special attacks, jump, run and dodge in full 3D.  When the two characters get close enough, the game leaves it’s “field mode” and enters into “duel mode”.  In duel mode the camera becomes fixed and the game will feel more closely related to Tekken in terms of combat-style.  Your characters also have a Resonance Burst, a character-specific move similar to an “ultra” from the Street Fighter series or a “final smash” from Smash Bros.


When selecting your Pokemon before each mach, you also have the option of selecting a Pokemon partner to assist you in the match.  These support characters can be summoned during combat and provide a variety of moves to defend you or damage the other character. Buttons during gameplay are for “Light Attack”, “Heavy Attack”, “Guard”, “Throw”, “Support” and a button simply referred to as “Pokemon” (which likely employs unique special abilities).

Thus far the game is only confirmed for arcade release but I strongly expect a Wii U port will be announced shortly after.

Take a look at some gameplay videos:


Greninja joins Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS


Along with a solo Charizard (sorry Squirtle and Venusaur fans, I’m upset too), the frog shinobi Greninja has joined the battle! He looks to be a very speed-oriented character, as would be expected with a ninja. Check out that tongue scarf.

Here are some quick reveals, followed by the full video:

  • The 3DS Smash will release this summer but we have to wait for winter to play the console version.
  • You can now customize your move sets
  •  Shiek and Zero Suit Samus are now seperate characters
  • Both of them, as well as most other characters (Sonic!) have been retooled and rebalanced
  • Both Charizard and Lucario can access their Mega Evolution forms.
  • Yoshi is back! He stands upright now and is said to be more powerful.
  • Kirby and Pit have new Final Smash moves.
  • Mega Man’s Final Smash is amazing

  • Villager’s Final Smash has the Nook family building a house on your opponents. Gold.
  • Almost every stage will have a no-nonsense, no-gimmick “Final Destination” version
  • Online play has been split into two modes: For Fun and For Glory
  • For Fun is anything goes while For Glory is no items, no customization and Final Destinations only
  • The 3DS version will feature a 4-player mode that resembles City Trial from Kirby’s Air Ride
  • Dark Samus, Midna and Animal Crossing’s Isabelle are among the new assist tropies

Here is the full Nintendo Direct. It’s got way more information on character changes, items, stages and features:





Here’s a few of the Pokemon locations in Google Maps


Today, Google revealed what is likely to be their annually brilliant April Fool’s Gag. An augmented-reality Pokemon game that has been updated into Google Maps. Don’t let the heartbreaking trailer fool you, there’s no true VR here- but what you will find is a simple, addictive “Where’s Waldo”-style game spanning the entire world map.

If you’re ready to cheat, or if you just want the location of your favorite Pokemon, I’m working on a list right now:

  • Glaceon is on top of Mount Everest
  • Helioptile is enjoying the view from the Eiffel Tower
  • Noivern is reliving the 90’s in Portland, OR
  • Sudowoodo is pranking tourists on Easter Island (not Nosepass?)
  • Meganium is hanging out with Obama in the White House
  • Snorlax is hanging out with the Pope at the Vatican
  • Munchlax, however, is touring the Empire State Building
  • Pidgey is immediately visible after searching Toronto
  • Metagross is trolling Buckingham Palace
  • Wartorle is starting trouble in Hyde Park
  • Chatot is in the Sydney Opera House
  • Unown and a few others have escaped Area 51
  • Pikachu is resting on top of the Tokyo Tower
  • Raichu is on Decatur Street in New Orleans
  • Salamence is in Cardiff Bay
  • Empoleon has been seen enjoying the sea cliffs of San Francisco
  • Oshawott is enjoying a swim in Marina Bay
  • Hydreigon can be found in Lyon, France
  • Milktank should be easily found after searching Ohio
  • Lucario is part of the problem on Wall Street
  • Mawile is in Kuala Lumpur
  • Scraggy is in Alcatraz. Whoa.
  • Jolteon is at the Staples Center in Los Angeles
  • Spritzee is enjoying the rides at Disneyland
  • Togepi is enjoying the rides at Disney World
  • Garchomp is hiding behind the Great Wall of China
  • Sableye is hiding from Togepi in the Haunted Mansion
  • Steelix is in Jakarta
  • Rotom is at Radio Music Hall
  • Eevee is roaming Yankee Stadium
  • Vaporeon is enjoying The Palm Jumeira
  • Chesnaught escaped the London Zoo
  • Serperior is guiding tourists to the Statue of Liberty
  • Pumpkaboo is among the pyramids in Giza
  • Donphan can be found if you find Christ the Redeemer
  • Dragonite is keeping the dream alive in Loch Ness

I will update now and then with new locations.

A couple of tips: look around the Google corporate building in California and make sure to check famous buildings and historical landmarks. Also note that some people are reporting variants of these Pokemon and their locations, so it seems that the layout may differ between users or user locations.

Good luck!

Pikachu is Japan’s official mascot for 2014 World Cup


After the most adorable huddle ever (seriously, look at that), Nintendo has teamed up with Adidas to make Pikachu the official mascot for Japan at the 2014 World Cup.  Adidas is obviously no stranger to supporting the event though Nintendo’s inclusion might seem odd to those unfamiliar with Nintendo’s recent change in strategy after suffering some losses in 2013.

I would think the tie-in could also potentially bring in a larger child audience, specifically in the United States. It’s also hard not to imagine Nintendo scrambling to quickly put together a tie-in game. Come on…Pokemon Soccer? I’d play that.

It worked for Mega Man right?


…maybe not.

Epic ‘Attack On Titan’ rap

Artist: Hifarry on deviantart

If you are between the ages of 20 and 45, watch anime or use the internet at all, you’ve probably been exposed to the latest anime craze sweeping the globe: Attack On Titan.  Attack on Titan depicts a world which may or may not be post-apocalyptic, in which the remaining population of humanity are confined inside massive walls for fear of being devoured alive by freakishly blank-faced humanoid “titans”. The series pulls no punches and is guaranteed to disturb you on some level.  Here’s a trailer if you’re curious.

Did I mention it’s on Netflix now? Yeah it’s on Netflix now.

This brings me to Shizzy Sixx, an aspiring rapper who likes to tackle various animated series and video games for his raps. Given the show’s massive popularity, it should come as no surprise that he picked ‘Attack On Titan’ as his latest subject.

As I said, Shizzy has covered a variety of geeky series and what’s more, the guy can actually rap. Really well. I want to give him a proper shout, I hope he starts getting more recognition soon. He deserves it.

You’ll definitely want to see these other raps:

Check out Shizzy’s YouTube Channel to see some of his other work.

Check out Attack On Titan on DVD and Blu-ray