‘Hover’ combines Jet Set Radio with Mirror’s Edge. Yes, it looks awesome.


A brief gameplay trailer for Hover recently appeared on YouTube and damn if it doesn’t look like a fun time! Immediately viewing the world in a first-person perspective, we’re given a full tour of a colorful, cel-shaded futuristic city of the future through the help of some pretty nifty rollerblades. After a minute of parkour and airborne tricks, it’s clear that the developers are big fans of both Jet Set Radio and Mirror’s Edge…a marriage made in heaven, right? The footage shown makes the game look just as smooth and addictive as the titles that clearly inspired it. And if the idea of doing air flips in first-person perspective troubles your sensitive stomach, fear not- there is also an option to switch into third-person view.

What really impresses me is the fact that everything you see in that video was put together by a team of three people:

These guys are definitely on my radar now and I’m looking forward to seeing how Hover comes along, especially considering that the video above is only the game in it’s alpha stages.  There is a lot of more information on their Steam Greenlight page, you should definitely check it out  to see more of the game and support the project.

Oh, and if you’ve never played Jet Set Radio or Mirror’s Edge, fix that right now!