First images from The Simpsons-Family Guy crossover special

Simpsons v Family Guy mash up   sourced by Pej  Credit Fox TV

We’ve known about The Simpsons – Family Guy crossover episode since it was first announced last July, but this is the first time we’ve seen any images from it.

Simpsons v Family Guy mash up   sourced by Pej  Credit Fox TV

What’s interesting is that this one-hour crossover special, titled “Simpsons Guy” will technically be a Family Guy episode and not the other way around. It also sounds like this will put the years of low-blows and cheap sight gags aimed at each other behind them, at least for now. There is definitely a friendlier spin to the plot. This was from the initial press release:

Peter and the rest of the Griffins embark on a road trip and wind up in Springfield. There, they cross paths with Homer, who graciously greets his new “albino” visitors, and the two families become fast friends. Stewie is impressed with Bart and his assortment of pranks, Lisa befriends Meg and tries to figure out exactly what it is that she’s good at, and Marge and Lois do some bonding. Meanwhile, Peter and Homer argue over which beer is better: Pawtucket or Duff.

I admit that I haven’t been a fan of Family Guy in quite some time. Like many others, I grew tired of the dependency on unrelated cutaway gags and stronger emphasis on shock humor. To be fair, I haven’t made a point to watch The Simpsons on a Sunday night in over ten years either despite owning Seasons 3-9 on DVD as well as the movie (which was far better than anticipated).  Still, it’s hard to hold back my curiosity to see how this episode plays out considering the rivalry these two animated sitcoms have had for nearly a decade.

On another exciting note, The Simpsons will also be crossing over with Futurama, though like “Simpsons Guy”, we won’t be seeing this episode until September either.