Chino’s Crosses will Depeche your Mode


After many months of enthusiastic peer pressure,  I have finally taken the plunge into Crosses (usually shown as †††).  As a Deftones fan, and trust me I’ll be doing a piece on them too, I really should know better than to pass up any project that involves legendary frontman Chino Moreno.

Crosses is a band that Chino started up with childhood friend Shaun Lopez (Far) and Chuck Doom. The project had been split between two EPs over the past couple of years before Chino’s self-proclaimed “witch house” project was finally compiled into a full album with all new songs and released earlier this month.

The overall feel can best be described as a dark-yet-bubbly ode to dream pop and 80’s new-wave.  One of the more prevalent tracks on the album, “The Epilogue”, tempts the listener with a promising Robert Smith-esque build up before plunging into a punchy hook that made me yearn for the earlier days of Head Automatica.  A later, newer track “Bitches Brew”, crawls and climbs up a mountain of angst before soaring off into a crooning electrical storm of a chorus that sounds like it should be on the soundtrack for a new Spawn movie.

Finally, we have my personal favorite track, “Telepathy”.  I won’t even bother to analyze it. Plug in those headphones and tell me you aren’t overcome by a warm rush of Depeche Mode nostalgia when those horn synths pour in.


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