Batman v Superman official title revealed…Justice League movie?



Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.  Yep. That’s what they’re naming the Man of Steel sequel. Oh, did you forget this was going to be a sequel to last year’s Superman movie? You’re not alone apparently.

It’s seeming more and more like Warner Bros. is looking to reshape the Man Of Steel follow-up into a sort of Justice League prologue. If it’s not already obvious to you that they’re scrambling to catch up to Marvel with an “Avengers” of their own, let me remind you that Wonder Woman has been said to have a “prominent role” in the movie. -and because introducing Wonder Man in a Superman sequel that will also introduce Batman isn’t enough, the movie will also feature Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and quite possibly Aquaman (rumored to be Game of Throne’s allum Jason Momoa) as well.

A recent script rewrite from Chris Terrio (Argo) and the title of the movie being Dawn of Justice only further cement my belief that we’re no longer looking at a Superman sequel but a massive set-up for the recently announced Justice League movie.

While it’s exciting to know that Warner is serious about making the Justice League movie happen, I worry that Superman and Batman’s fascinating relationship will be pushed to the wayside and overcrowded by these other characters.

Also, why is it Batman v Superman?

Was “vs.” one character two many?

Is this Ben Affleck as Batman in the Man Of Steel sequel?

According to, this image found on Instagram over the weekend may actually be our first look at Ben Affleck’s Batman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel.  

A bit of early-morning Google Image searching tells me that this is definitely Ben Affleck’s lower jaw and chin. It also tells me that itis perfectly ok for my co-workers to see me zooming in on photos of Ben Affleck’s mouth for over an hour.  

Given that the image appears to be a black and white photo of another photo, it is very difficult to determine it’s authenticity.  Skepticism is a healthy thing but when you’re a comic book geek and see a Batman cowl that looks like it was ripped out of a Jim Lee storyline, it’s hard to not get a little bit gleeful.

I’d like to think that this would force the studio’s hand and inspire them to release an early promotional shot of the full Batman costume, but my Argo office calendar tells me that we still have at least another five-hundred and fourteen days before the studios will even begin to officially promote this thing.