Play an Actual Donkey Kong Arcade Machine With Your Browser


This is pretty cool.

YouTube series Arcade Impossible¬†focuses on a crew putting together a video game arcade in their basement. It’s pretty neat to watch the process come together. Perhaps one of the most interesting things to come out of show, one of the crew members rigged a physical Donkey Kong arcade cabinet to accept inputs from your web browser.

The way it works is you hop onto the website here, which uses Twitch. Once the website is loaded, you are placed “in line” (right now it’s about 20 people waiting to play). Each player gets two credits before their game ends and then it’s the next player’s turn. Other than the occasional slow-down and lag, the experience is really fun. It’s pretty wild to watch the actual arcade machine being controlled rather than a straight-up emulation where you play as Mario directly.

Apparently they are working on getting some more machines up, 4-player X-Men being one of the cabinets mentioned.

Test your Donkey Kong skills right now and take it for a spin!