Pixar finally announces The Incredibles 2!



Earlier today during a Disney shareholders meeting, Pixar took the opportunity to detail their upcoming projects. Their big announcement?  They are finally making The Incredibles 2…and yes, Brad Bird will be involved.  This has arguably been the most requested Pixar follow-up since Toy Story 2. Brad Bird has been asked about it in so many interviews, it amazes me that he’s been able to promote any other project since the film’s 2004 release (10 years!).  During an interview with Movies.com, Bird said the following:

“I want to do it because I have something that will be as good or better than the original. ‘Toy Story 2’ was, to me, a perfect sequel, because it absolutely respected the first film but found new places to go without selling out its characters. So if I could come up with an idea that is to ‘Incredibles’ that ‘Toy Story 2‘ is to ‘Toy Story,’ I would do it in a second.”

Given the man’s track record, I trust that he has come up with an idea strong enough to warrant a second film. It’s important to not get too excited though, Pixar’s upcoming release calender is pretty full.  We have Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur, Finding Dory and a movie about Dia de los Muertros filling out the next three years. We might not get to see this until 2017. Still…it’s coming. That’s all that matters.



-oh, and they also announced Cars 3.