Pete’s Dragon Remake Reveals It’s Elliott


Only one short month after Disney unleashed the first teaser-trailer for their remake of the 70’s cult-classic Pete’s Dragon (watch it here), they finally reveal the new design for the lovable Elliot.

This was his original design, taken from a classic scene that really made me want to try a scorched apple when I was a kid…

And thanks to EntertainmentWeekly, we now know what he looks like in 2016:


A little fuzzier than he once was but it definitely gives him a friendlier, cuddly appearance- somewhat evoking the innocent vibe that the original pink-haired, cel-shaded design gave.  The face, while adding cat-like eyes and mouth, retains the larger jaw of his goofy predecessor.

I’m looking forward to seeing how he looks in motion!

Click here to read EntertainmentWeekly’s preview.