Nathan Fillion ‘Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy’ Role Revealed?



Fans have been speculating like crazy ever since it was revealed that geek demigod Nathan Fillion would have a cameo role in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. The most common theory was Nova, a pretty major character in the Marvel universe, especially where GotG is concerned. Unfortunately director James Gunn shot that down with this tweet:

Screen-shot-2014-06-24-at-8.47.42-AM Shame, because Nova would have cemented Fillion as a mainstay in the Marvel movie universe. So just who is the browncoat vet playing? According to Schmoes Know, insiders from the movie’s production have finally given us our answer.



For the uninitiated, Cosmo is a Russian telepathic talking space-dog who guards an inter-dimensional space station in a place known only as “Knowhere”. In the GotG comics, Cosmo eventually becomes a liaison for Peter Quill and his team after the Guardians move their headquarters to Knowhere, which exists within a tear in the space-time continuum.  

Cosmo’s appearance in the film isn’t exactly a surprise. A few months ago Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige made a comment, telling Cosmo fans to “wait for the film”. Keep in mind that we still do not have official confirmation from the studio that Fillion is indeed playing Cosmo.

We also do not have confirmation as to whether or not Fillion will attempt a Russian accent. Has he done a Russian accent before?