Marvel vs. Attack On Titan is a thing. An official thing.


Marvel vs. Attack On Titan is coming!


Yep.  I shit you not, there will be an official Marvel/Attack on Titan crossover in the very near future.  Marvel has dabbled in manga and anime as well, they have also crossed over and fought with many universes (DC, Capcom, etc) but crossing over with a specific manga franchise is definitely new ground for the comics titan…er, giant.

The horrifying human-eating titans will be invading the Marvel universe, forcing characters like Spider-man and Captain America to deal with the attack.  This will definitely be considered a “What If” story, so nothing is canon, meaning we might see some of our favorite Marvel personas eaten alive in terrifying, gory fashion.  

-and according the C.B. Cebulski’s tweet from earlier today, the first issue is set to drop in just two weeks!

Now where’s my Marvel vs. Dragon Ball Z fighting game?  Come on, it would be so sweet.