Hot Fuzz, Crank and The Babadook coming to Netflix…but a lot of good stuff is leaving.


What the heck Netflix?

We’re losing a lot of good stuff already this month and gaining so little in return.  April looks to be even worse.  We’re going to say goodbye to Mystic River, Philadelphia, Get Shorty and Clue but in return we get Delta Farce?

Let’s focus on the good instead, here are three movies to look forward to in April:

Hot Fuzz (April 16)

A sharp, gleefully self-aware action-comedy from the winning team behind 2004’s comedy-horror hit Shaun of the Dead, Director Edgar Wright reunites onscreen buddies Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as a police officers in the suspiciously quiet British town of Sandford.  There are so many layers to this movie that it would be a shame if I spoiled any of the surprises but look for a fun return to form from a former James Bond and a familiar face from Game of Thrones- yarp!


The Babadook (April 14)

In this Australian psychological horror, a widowed mother becomes increasingly concerned when her son begins to display erratic behavior.  He rarely sleeps, he exhibits random acts of aggression and explains that he is being tormented by a creature from one of his children’s books.  Hoping to put an end to the behavior and ripping the book, his mother Amelia is pulled into an unpredictable world of terror and suspense.  The movie has a 97% fresh rating on RottenTomatoes, extremely rare for a horror movie and is considered to be one of the scariest films of the past decade.


Crank (April 9)

Take the movie Speed and replace Keanu with Jason Statham, replace the bus with a person, replace the serious tone of a 90’s action movie with the vibe of a GTA game.  That’s Crank in a nutshell.  Jason Statham is a hitman tasked with taking down mobsters in LA until he awakens to find himself poisoned without any hope for an antidote.  The only way that hitman Chev Chelios can stay alive is to keep his adrenaline up, or you know, be an action movie star.  That’s the plot.  The guy has to do crazy stunts to keep his body from shutting down and killing him.  The movie knows exactly how absurd this is and has a lot fun with it right until the very last moment.  And if you end up enjoying the ride, there’s an even more ridiculous sequel that picks up a few seconds after this movie ends.

Here is a full list of all the movies and series joining (and leaving) Netflix in April.

In the meantime let’s look forward to the official Marvel Daredevil series (trailer), Wet Hot American Summer: The Series (trailer) and hope that Seinfeld still actually happens.