Here’s what the new Ducktales series will look like!


Disney just dropped this beauty on Twitter earlier today.

Last year I reported that Disney had announced an all-new Ducktales animated series wherein they expected the full voice cast of the 1980’s original to make a return.  Things have remained quiet until earlier today when Disney released the first official still of the upcoming series on Twitter.  Unlike the original cel-animated “Disney Afternoon” series, this rendition seems to be aiming for more of a hand-drawn look that recalls the 1950’s comics by Carl Banks.

Ducktales is still scheduled for a 2017 premiere but if you want to whet your appetite, take a look at some of the new Mickey Mouse cartoons by Paul Ruddish (Dexter’s Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls).  They merge a classic Disney feel with the wit and insanity of the modern Cartoon Network fare (think Adventure Time meets Disney).  Some of the shorts include appearances by Goofy, Donald and Ducktales own Scrooge McDuck, who is still voiced by 97 year-old Alan Young!!

Season 1 of the new Mickey Mouse cartoon is only $7.50 on Amazon Prime!

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