Here’s a few of the Pokemon locations in Google Maps


Today, Google revealed what is likely to be their annually brilliant April Fool’s Gag. An augmented-reality Pokemon game that has been updated into Google Maps. Don’t let the heartbreaking trailer fool you, there’s no true VR here- but what you will find is a simple, addictive “Where’s Waldo”-style game spanning the entire world map.

If you’re ready to cheat, or if you just want the location of your favorite Pokemon, I’m working on a list right now:

  • Glaceon is on top of Mount Everest
  • Helioptile is enjoying the view from the Eiffel Tower
  • Noivern is reliving the 90’s in Portland, OR
  • Sudowoodo is pranking tourists on Easter Island (not Nosepass?)
  • Meganium is hanging out with Obama in the White House
  • Snorlax is hanging out with the Pope at the Vatican
  • Munchlax, however, is touring the Empire State Building
  • Pidgey is immediately visible after searching Toronto
  • Metagross is trolling Buckingham Palace
  • Wartorle is starting trouble in Hyde Park
  • Chatot is in the Sydney Opera House
  • Unown and a few others have escaped Area 51
  • Pikachu is resting on top of the Tokyo Tower
  • Raichu is on Decatur Street in New Orleans
  • Salamence is in Cardiff Bay
  • Empoleon has been seen enjoying the sea cliffs of San Francisco
  • Oshawott is enjoying a swim in Marina Bay
  • Hydreigon can be found in Lyon, France
  • Milktank should be easily found after searching Ohio
  • Lucario is part of the problem on Wall Street
  • Mawile is in Kuala Lumpur
  • Scraggy is in Alcatraz. Whoa.
  • Jolteon is at the Staples Center in Los Angeles
  • Spritzee is enjoying the rides at Disneyland
  • Togepi is enjoying the rides at Disney World
  • Garchomp is hiding behind the Great Wall of China
  • Sableye is hiding from Togepi in the Haunted Mansion
  • Steelix is in Jakarta
  • Rotom is at Radio Music Hall
  • Eevee is roaming Yankee Stadium
  • Vaporeon is enjoying The Palm Jumeira
  • Chesnaught escaped the London Zoo
  • Serperior is guiding tourists to the Statue of Liberty
  • Pumpkaboo is among the pyramids in Giza
  • Donphan can be found if you find Christ the Redeemer
  • Dragonite is keeping the dream alive in Loch Ness

I will update now and then with new locations.

A couple of tips: look around the Google corporate building in California and make sure to check famous buildings and historical landmarks. Also note that some people are reporting variants of these Pokemon and their locations, so it seems that the layout may differ between users or user locations.

Good luck!