Duck Hunt Dog, Shulk, Baby Bowser join Smash Bros.!

UPDATE 08/25/2014: 

Ready for the insanity?

You sure?

Ok. Here we go.

Don’t take this as fact yet but in what appears to be a legitimate leak, we now know the full character roster for Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo 3DS and Wii-U. Prepare yourself for the happy, the sad and the WTF…


Looks like the leaks are real. Videos were leaked revealing what appears to be the new leaked characters brawling out, including Baby Bowser in his clown car. Nintendo had the videos taken down but we have some animated gifs, ableit blurry ones:


Here’s what we’re hearing so far:

  • Snake, Lucas, Wolf and Ice Climbers are gone. It sucks but we pretty much knew Snake was out of the picture but Wolf? Lucas? ICE CLIMBERS? Those are going to hurt.
  • The dog from Duck Hunt is a playable character. Yes, that dog. …and the ducks hover around him for special attacks because why not. Why the fuck not.
  • Shulk from Xenoblade (!) is officially a playable character.
  • Shulk also has five different fighting styles (like Hwoarang?)
  • Bowser Jr. is playable, purportedly riding around in the Clown Car from NSMB
  • We’re also being told that the Koopalings are alt-costumes for Bowser Jr. One can only hope.
  • Each character will have 8 alternate costumes.
  • Dr. Mario is back as a clone.
  • Dark Pit is a clone.
  • Alph is an Olimar clone.
  • One leaker is suggesting that Dixie, Mewtwo, Ridley, Mach Rider, and Impa are also unlockable.
  • Another leaker is claiming that Chorus Men (Rhythm Heaven), Wolf, Lucas and Snake are DLC characters.
  • Several leakers claiming that this isn’t the complete character roster, though as you can see above, there is dispute over which characters still remain.

Take a look at the leaked images, plenty of details in here that I haven’t mentioned yet (All-Star, Single Player, etc).
Or just follow the insanity on NeoGAF.