Dragon Ball Z Revival of F trailer has some surprises


A new teaser trailer for Dragon Ball Z: The Revival of F, which you can view below, has aired in Japan.

A few things worthy of note- first off, we’re finally getting our first look at the reborn Frieza in action.  What’s interesting about this, Frieza apparently starts off the movie in his first form and works himself back to the more advanced transformation that we’re more used to.  Frieza also has a brief line in the trailer where he threatens Goku with his “new, evolved form”.  Piccolo also mentions that Frieza is different this time around, and more of a monster than ever before.


I also liked how the trailer seems to depict a full-scale Ginyu invasion, similar to what was described when we first learned about how Frieza and his planet-cleansing business in Dragon Ball Z.


…and finally, ROSHI IS FIGHTING?!



I’ve already bought my ticket.