Coca-Cola just brought back SURGE!


I usually wouldn’t care about something like this, but as a complete and total sucker for 90’s nostalgia I can’t help it- COCA-COLA IS BRINGING BACK SURGE!

Apparently they are starting to usher it back in slowly, by making fresh packs available on  The thinking is that if this is successful that Coca-Cola might bring the caffeinated citrus soda back to grocery stores, gas stations and high-schools.  Ok, maybe not high schools…that’s just my thirst for nostalgia creeping back in.


This weird obsession with Surge isn’t a new thing. Though Surge soda was officially discontinued in 2003, there have been websites exclusively for tracking any stores selling remaining Surge stock and begging Coca-Cola to bring it back. even located a Surge clone in Norway called “Urge”.

Still, nothing beats the real thing.

Surge is back, at least on for now. Go check it out!