Rape Scenes in the Bayonetta Games? Kamiya Responds on Twitter


This will be pretty non-graphic but I would like to include a trigger warning for the men and women who are disturbed by these kinds of things.

Did both highly acclaimed video games Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 include scenes of implied rape?

A user on gaming forum NeoGAF felt disturbed by two particular scenes which have gone largely undiscussed.  The implied act takes place during a boss fight represented in both Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2.  In it, the titular female protagonist mostly presented as a self-efficient independent strong heroine, faces off against an ongoing rival named Rodin.  Rodin isn’t necessarily a villain in the game’s story.  Though he has battled Bayonetta he also crafts and sells weapons for her by which he obtains from his primary duty as a proprietor of the Gates of Hell.  In these boss fights, Rodin executes a powerful move that obscures the players view and ends with Rodin smoking a cigar as a fully nude Bayonetta lies in the fetal position, seemingly clutching her buttocks (NSFW).

It’s pretty easy to see why this might upset someone.  Though Bayonetta is a game that lavishes sexuality and ultra-violence to the point of self-parody, the title character is almost never shown as vulnerable, let alone completely nude.  To see her lying down and possibly clutching her naked behind as if recovering from a forceful penetration, is very shocking and quite disturbing to someone that might just be looking to enjoy a wacky action-shooter on their Nintendo Wii U.  Rodin enjoying a smoke (NSFW), as is a common post-sex trope in modern media, only makes the scene more incriminating.

The game’s creator and lead director Hideki Kamiya, who also created Viewtiful Joe, Okami and directed many entries in the Devil May Cry series, was quick to respond to the controversy.  When several NeoGAF users took to twitter to confront the developer earlier this morning, he explained that the scenes were not intended to imply any type of sexual violence and was initially confused by the accusations.



The lead character’s source of power, and clothing for that matter, is her angelic hair.  When Rodin pulls her into the Gates of Hell for his attack,  her most powerful defense is temporarily destroyed leaving her injured and nude on the ground.  So why does Rodin light up a smoke immediately afterward?  This wasn’t directly addressed but in the name of fairness it should be pointed out that Rodin is always lighting up a cigar throughout the entirety of both games.


There are far too many instances in modern media of rape being casually brushed aside or treated as joke fodder instead of a horrific, invasive and violent crime.  Rape culture is a problem and something that should continue to be addressed, but are the scenes in Bayonetta a contributing offender or was this just an unfortunate coincidence, something lost in translation?

It’s definitely something worth discussing.





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  • leon

    actually is not, you say “instead of a horrific, invasive and violent crime.” is murder a silly act? because all cod and gear of war, gta and other make fun of murder, why rape is worse?

  • Eric Ericsson

    Could say the same about you feminazi and the constant intellectual rape due to all the bullshit you mad cunts are spewing.

  • fnaiggggoetr

    So it’s ok for movies and TV to depict rape, but when video games do it, it’s the end of the world?

  • deal with it

    oh my god we just committed mass genocide on levels that make Stalin and Mao look like small children playing trucks, lets go nuts about implied rape! you child support receiving bitches need to get your fucking life together and take care of your kids so they don’t become worthless like you. not worry about video games.

  • Asianwarwallabe

    “trigger warning” “Rape culture is a problem”

    Garbage fearmongering article, written by garbage. Not surprised.

  • Alex

    Please include a trigger warning above your titles or make an effort to hide them. Something as simple as the title “Rape scenes in the Bayonetta games” can be rather alarming and upsetting to certain people.

  • zero254

    Nothing to see here folks, just clickbait.

  • Blem

    “the title character is almost never shown as vulnerable, let alone completely nude.”
    She’s completely nude about ten minutes into the game, as well as any time she’s doing a strong attack.
    It’s not explicit but it happens. Constantly.

  • jlenoconel

    Oh my God, you guys make me laugh. Everything is rape to you right? Please stop this politically correct nonsense, seeing things that aren’t even there lol.

  • Romantic Placebo

    Wow, all you guys don’t get it.

  • Brench

    Nothing about that even remotely struck me as rape, and I think you have to squint pretty hard to interpret his smoking and Bayonetta’s position as anything other than Rodin getting a laugh in at landing an attack on his rival.

  • Jeff Lawhead

    How would you actually know it’s easy to do? That’s a really weird thing to say, and wouldn’t be said by someone who hasn’t tried it before.

    And as much I agree that rape should be treated pretty seriously in all mediums it comes in, I’d like to see a proper comparison between rape and mass murder to see which one really stacks up as the more morally and objectively reprehensible.

  • Jeff Lawhead

    I, for one, agree that rape that should be treated seriously in all forms of media it appears in and not as a joke for either gender.

    However, this is NOT rape culture. There is no rape culture. There is not a culture devoted to making rape acceptable and accessible to men (or women for that matter). One of the foremost authorities who actually work with rape victims, RAINN, even dismissed the idea of rape culture itself and I would very much believe them over practically anyone else.

    The reality of balancing equality in gender representation and respect has to come away from borderline urban legends like rape culture and work with things that actually exist. Feminism has to apply to reality in order to work.