Neill Blomkamp’s Alien Sequel Will Ignore Alien 3, Alien Resurrection


This is all moving so fast!

In early February, concept art (like above) was leaked for Neill Blomkamp’s concept for an Alien sequel.  The District 9 director would have brought back Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley and Michael Biehn’s Hicks character from Alien 2.  Blomkamp posted the images to his Instagram on February 10th with little explanation.  During some of his early Chappie promotion, he mentioned to UPROXX that he had been wanting to make an Alien sequel “for years and years” and it “could still happen”.

Speaking to Sigourney Weaver, when we were doing Chappie, she set off a bunch of thoughts in my head — I had come up with an idea that didn’t have Sigourney, it was a different idea. But I spent all of the shooting time with her, it was like, holy shit, that could actually be really interesting. When I came back to Vancouver, I had an entire year to work on Chappie. And when I wasn’t needed in the edit, I could think about Alien. So, I basically developed an entire movie and I did all of this artwork as well.

On February 18th, Variety reported that Fox had closed a deal with Neill Blomkamp on an Alien sequel that was not Prometheus 2.

Yesterday Sky Movies released a new interview with Blomkamp that was quickly taken down.  In the interview Blomkamp explained his vision ignores the events of Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection in order to properly conclude the story of Ellen Ripley.

It’s no secret that Resurrection and especially Alien 3, aren’t exactly fan favorites.  Many felt that Alien 3 heavily disrespected the events of the first two movies and brushed aside critical character development that took place for Ripley in the second film.  Multiple script changes, studio micromanagement and internal bickering hurt Alien 3 so much that director David Fincher (Fight Club, Gone Girl) left production and prefers not to be credited with the film.  “No one hated it more than me; to this day no one hates it more than me“.

The events of Alien 3 also resulted in another messy sequel that saw a cloned, animalistic and weirdly sexual Ripley running around a muddied Firefly-esque ship with mutated xenomorphs and Winona Ryder.  Despite Joss Whedon’s involvement and a handful of positive reviews, it seems that there are not many fans who look back fondly on Alien Resurrection.

It is unknown whether or not the turmoil behind the scenes of Alien 3 impacted Blomkamp’s decision to hit the reset button but it’s hard to imagine that it didn’t.

Regardless of how you feel about Alien 3 and Alien Resurrection, it’s hard not to get excited at the prospect of giving Sigourney Weaver’s legendary badass heroine another chance at a proper ending and perhaps give poor Michael Biehn something to do other than voice awesome video games and reminisce about Aliens and Terminator.

Take a look at some of the early concept art below:

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DuckTales Returning To Television With New Episodes


Disney is set to bring back what can arguably be considered the most successful animated series of the 1980’s- Ducktales.  Set to air in early 2017, Disney has ordered a full season of brand new episodes for their channel Disney XD.

“‘DuckTales’ has a special place in Disney’s TV animation history”, explains Disney XD Vice President Marc Buhaj. “it drew its inspiration from Disney legend Carl Barks’ comic books and, through its storytelling and artistic showmanship, set an enduring standard for animated entertainment that connects with both kids and adults. Our new series will bring that same energy and adventurous spirit to a new generation.”

It is unknown whether the new episodes will continue off of the original series, which went on for over 100 episodes, spawned a feature-film and two very successful Capcom video games, or if it will reboot the story back to the beginning.  What is known, however, is that the full cast is set to return.  Joining Scrooge, the nephews, Webby and Launchpad McQuack will be Mrs. Beakley, Gyro Gearloose, Flintheart Glomgold, Magica DeSpell, Ma Beagle and the Beagle Boys.


This isn’t the first time Ducktales has made a reappearance or a reboot.  In 2013 game developer WayForward released their lovingly-crafted rebuild of the original Capcom NES game for modern consoles.  The game sold tremendously well, Capcom even quoted as saying the game “overperformed” on their fiscal reports, which may have contributed to Disney’s decision for a revival.

It’s a long way until 2017.  In the meantime you can check out Ducktales Remastered, watch the original series on Disney’s WATCH app or collect the original series and Ducktales: The Movie on Amazon.

This mildly annoying/mildly adorable “Kids React” video might also give us an idea of how a newer generation of kids will respond:

Banjo-Kazooie Spiritual Sequel Confirmed; First Details Revealed


After months and months of teasing through mysterious Twitter account MingyJongo, it looks like we’re finally going to get our first look at the spiritual sequel to Banjo-Kazooie on Thursday.

Former RARE-employee and game composer Grant Kirkhope is responsible for lending his music making talents to the golden age of the Nintendo 64, creating music for Goldeneye 007, Banjo-Kazooie, Banjo-Tooie, Perfect Dark,  Conker’s Bad Fur Day, Killer Instinct Gold and Donkey Kong 64.  Kirkhope left RARE about five years after Microsoft took over, shortly after lending his work to the Banjo spin-off Nuts & Bolts and the Viva Pinata series.

Recently Kirkhope has been teasing Banjo-Kazooie fans about a new project.  The very same project that MingyJongo has been seemingly promoting through a unique brand of Twitter-based viral marketing.

Playtonics, a new game developer comprised of former RARE employees, makes no bones about who they are.  Take a look at their suspicious-looking logo and hilarious motto about a “rare breed of games” on their official website.  Cute.  They also describe their team in a little bit more detail:

Ahem. Currently we’re a sextet of artists, programmers and designers – sort of like The Pussycat Dolls with computer science degress – with one thing in common; we were all once core member of famous UK studio Rare, where we helmed franchises such as Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong Country and Viva Piñata.

We’ve got the bloke who programmed Donkey Kong Country, the character designer behind Banjo and Kazooie, and the artist who made your console fit to burst with lavish environments across a decade’s worth of adventure games.

Playtonics isn’t revealing any major details until the new issue of EDGE Magazine hits on Thursday, but we do know a few tidbits for the time being. The game is said to be a 3-D platformer akin to Mario 64 and Banjo-Kazooie, featuring a completely new set of protagonists (that appear to be a bird and a dinosaur? Maybe?).  The game will receive early access treatment through Steam.  Other consoles are not announced, though the development team at Playtonic games explicitly express their wish to work with Nintendo once again.

There’s a history of working with Nintendo so we’d naturally love to see our game on a Nintendo platform. If people tell us to make Wii U our target console platform then we’ve got the flexibility to do that.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the teaser image left by Playtonics on their website.  Do you see the dinosaur and bird or have I completely lost all my jinjos?


Full details will be revealed in EDGE Magazine on Thursday, February 12th.
Keep checking Playtonic’s official website and twitter account for more details.

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It’s Official: Spider-man is joining the Marvel Cinemaverse


UPDATE: It’s Confirmed!!




Original post:

According to Latino Review[RUMOR] , SONY is allowing Spider-man to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. People often suggest taking Latino Review’s reports with a grain of salt but they’ve had a decent track record with respect to the MCU, accurately reporting on much of Phase 3.

With this recent report, it looks like Spidey will be making his grand appearance in the third Avengers film, currently being split into Infinity War Part I and Infinity War Part II. The story line will see some pretty bleak changes for the Avengers. Keep in mind that this movie will follow Captain America: Civil War and be warned, these are spoilers:

[mks_highlight color=”#000000″]
Thor is missing in action, imprisoned somehwere. Steve Rogers is dead. Chris Evans will not be in this movie. It makes sense when you see that Evans is only signed on for two more movies, and would leave room for Bucky to take up the sheild just as he did in the comics. Anyway, this prompts Spider-man to swing into action and join the fight.[/mks_highlight]

Again, it still might not be true but if it is, this is pretty exciting stuff.

Kendrick Lamar Does Not “Love Himself” On New Single “Blacker The Berry”


If anyone can get people to stop gushing over Kanye West and Lupe Fiasco, it’s this guy.

Yes, Kendrick Lamar has finally released his 2nd single to promote his insanely anticipated follow up to Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City.

“You hate me don’t you?”
“You sabotaged my community, making a killing/you made me a killer”
“I’m the biggest hypocrite of 2015”

Certainly a far cry from his ode to self-love “i”, isn’t it?  Kendrick sounds shot out of a cannon, fired up and furious but who is he mad at?  He seems to takes shots at the record industry, hip-hop, government and the community he grew up in but his true target is revealed toward the end of the song -Kendrick is mostly taking shots at himself.  Wait for that last line and try to decipher what it means.  He just called himself a “hypocrite” for crying for Trayvon Martin when “gang bangin'” caused him to “kill a n**** blacker than me”.

That can’t be literal can it?  Earlier in the song Kendrick warns of a confession but did he really just admit to murder?

Listen for yourself:

Even RapGenius is losing their minds over that last line.

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SEGA SEQUEL: New Toejam & Earl Game In The Works


This one definitely slipped under my radar.
According to the official Facebook page, a brand-new Toejam and Earl game is currently in production.

Just a week ago, the Toejam and Earl Facebook page posted this message:

Greetings from Funkotron! We haven’t been posting as often lately because we’ve gotten really busy with the new TJ&E game. We will be making some announcements in a probably 3 or 4 weeks, when we have something we can show, and will be able to share lots of information with you.

Little else has been said since the posting but included with the statement were a handful of drawings (below) that appear to be early concept art for the purported sequel. This game will actually mark the fourth Toejam and Earl outing since their first adventure on the Sega Genesis/MegaDrive in 1991 (5th if you count Ready, Aim, Tomatoes).  Designed by Greg Johnson, the first title was a well-received co-op dungeon crawler starring two alien rappers trying to make their way back home.  The game spawned two full-fledged sequels- 2D platformer Panic On Funkotron and the lesser known XBox exclusive Toejam and Earl III: Mission to Earth.

While we wait for an announcement and pray that it’s not a crappy F2P mobile endless runner, take a look at this concept art.

10411027_416700238488295_5770042734754926210_n 1513749_416700268488292_5310189492626952936_n1484219_416700208488298_8929711611472091687_n

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