Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Surprising reactions & details from early showing

The first official screenings of the new 2014 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot took place last night, including one surprise screening hosted by the VANS Warped Tour. Hell, one screening even featured Ernie Reyes Jr. aka Keno the ninja pizza-delivery boy from TMNT II: Secret of the Ooze!

Bt2UVcoIcAAYiCVReactions are quickly being posted to twitter, Reddit, Facebook and popular forums like NeoGAF.  Feedback has been mostly positive and we’ve also been learning some new details about the film as well:

  • Classic turtles humor is fully intact, their chemistry being frequently mentioned as the strongest element of the movie.
  • Fight scenes are well choreographed, action sequences are “the best of the summer” (of course we haven’t seen Guardians yet)
  • No “Michael Bay cringe-worthy humor” based on sexist comments or crude bathroom humor, though their is one brief fart joke at the beginning of the movie (WHY?).
  • Movie is less directed at people in their 30’s who grew up with the Turtles than the Nickelodeon series. It reintroduces them in a way that appeals to teenagers unfamiliar with the franchise.
  • Michelangelo frequently hits on April but it’s “pretty innocent”.
  • Megan Fox was a common complaint, she comes off as “vapid” and “uninterested”. Not many fans of her in the role…
  • Karai is in the movie.
  • “Human” time is mostly kept to a minimum. Turtles are the focus.
  • Donatello fans will be happy.
  • There is a scene involving George Michael’s Careless Whisper.
  • Shredder’s storyline was “oversimplified” and “brief”.
  • Will Arnett (Arrested Development) is “hilarious” and William Fichtner (Prison Break) “is badass”, though as the trailers suggest, he is not Shredder.
  • Bottom line: movie is “exciting”, ” funny” and “well-paced”. Not a perfect film but “extremely respectful to the franchise”.

Finally, there is one major spoiler involving the end of the movie and a possible sequel.  Ready? ….


After an intense and brutal fight with the turtles, Shredder is thrown from a sky-rise to his death. …though in his hand he is clutching a cannister of ooze, hinting at a future appearance of “Super Shredder”, much like TMNT II: Secret of the Ooze.

If you want to read more, here’s some VANS Warped Tour reactions courtesy of ComicBookMovie.com.

I also recommend checking out the newly released book “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Ultimate Visual History”.

These Naughty Dog-released “Last Of Us” versions of real-life locations are INSANE.

The team at Naughty Dog must be busy as hell with a remastered PS4 Last Of Us, Uncharted 4 and a Last Of Us live-action movie (directed by Sam Raimi!) all on the way.  Nonetheless, they still took the time out of their day to release these artist interpretations of post-apocalypse real-world locations, Last Of Us-style.

Take a look:

View the rest of the gallery here.


The Last of Us and The Last Us: Remastered (PS4) on Amazon

UPDATE: R-rated, Ryan Reynolds ‘Deadpool’ movie footage is now in HD!

It might surprise you that Ryan Reynolds is a big fan of the popular fourth wall-breaking Marvel character Deadpool, especially after his abysmal appearance as the character in the shockingly awful X-Men Origins: Wolverine.  In fact, not only is Ryan Reynolds still a huge fan of the character, but he has been pushing to star in a full-on R-rated reboot staring a more true to the comics version of the “merc with the mouth” (whoever decided to remove his mouth in X-Men Origins needs to be fired- from every job).  

It’s been an uphill battle for the character’s creator Rob Liefield and script writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick for the past four years as Fox does not seem keen to back an R-rated X-Men movie, especially after Ryan Reynolds already starred in a recent superhero movie flop.  It’s a shame since the script sounded excellent, and clearly understood the psyche of the character and the world he lives in (in which X-Men Origins exists as a movie that Deadpool hates).


Visual-effects producer Tim Miller and creator Rob Lielfeld have previously spoken of test footage that was shot with Reynolds to pitch the movie but it has never been seen by the public until today. The footage, supposedly revealed in 2012, definitely matches up with the previously known reports about the movie and indeed features the voice of Ryan Reynolds. Hopefully the footage becomes viral enough to get Fox’s attention again.

HD Quality version here:

Deadpool Test Footage in HD by itsartmag

Batman v Superman footage, Wonder Woman poster revealed


Here’s the actual teaser!! (it’s cam footage and will probably get taken down but still…)



Someone has leaked a potato-quality image of Batman’s anti-Superman armor from the teaser:



It’s finally happened.

The first footage from Batman vs. Superman has been revealed. This thing is real. It’s actually happening. It’s not an 2001-era internet rumor, it’s not a poster in the background of I Am Legend, it’s an honest-to-goodness authentic teaser for a movie that’s actually going to come  out.

Unfortunately for us, the teaser hasn’t been made public quite yet and only attendees of SDCC have seen the footage. Luckily, we have a pretty awesome description of the short (but incredibly badass-sounding) teaser:

It starts with thunder and rain, as a hand pulls a tarp off of something… it’s Ben Affleck’s Batman on a Gotham City rooftop, and he’s in the full bat-armor from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns. His eyes are glowing white, and we see that what he’s pulled that tarp off of is the bat-signal. He turns the signal on and the famed bat symbol fills the sky… but then we see it’s aimed at something. At a man floating in the sky. A super-man! Cut to a close-up of Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel as his eyes start to glow with heat vision. Cut back to Batman whose eyes are still glowing white. It’s the stare down of all stare downs! Cut to the title screen: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

I need this footage. I need this footage more than I need food, water, air or my ongoing Plants vs. Zombies 2 survival game. Surely some kind soul will be brave enough to leak it for us- or perhaps Warner Bros. will put out an official HD teaser. I know the movie is still two years away but come on!…I guess I’ll just watch and read The Dark Knight Returns seven or eight more times in preparation.


In the meantime we were also given our first official look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. I think this image so put many fears to rest. She looks fantastic.

First look at Wonder Woman


…and just in case you missed it, here’s a new photo of Ben Affleck in the cowl from yesterday’s SDCC promos:



Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes to theaters on May 6th, 2016. (siiiigh)

In the meantime, I strongly suggest checking out The Dark Knight Returns, either the movie or the graphic novel. Batman v Superman seems to have drawn a lot of inspiration from it, not only from the nature of the Superman vs. Batman feud but the overall gritty look and aged Batman costume. It’s an excellent story, I highly recommend it.

Comic-Con posters for Avengers 2, Jurassic World, The Hobbit, Mad Max & Ant Man

The 2014 San Diego Comic Con is today! It’s basically “Geek Christmas” as news, posters, trailers and discussion panels relating to comic-book franchises start appearing under the theoretical cosplay-decorated tree. This year’s Comic Con looks to be especially explosive as major announcements pertaining to Star Wars, Batman v Superman and the Marvel cinematic universe are expected over the next few days.

In anticipation of this year’s event, some early SDCC-exclusive posters have been released online. Take a look:

v1nI696 hr_The_Hobbit-_The_Battle_of_the_Five_Armies_3 jurassic_world mad-mad-fury-road-comic-con-poster-690x1024 avengers-age-of-ultron-concept-art-2-103477 BtRJkN7CQAAtdXs


Expect a wealth of geeky posters and announcements to start pouring later this afternoon.

Move over Attack On Titan, Gurren Lagann is coming to Adult Swim


During Cartoon Network’s Toonami Tumblr Q&A on Sunday it was announced that the Adult Swim block has snatched up the rights to begin airing anime cult-hit Gurren Lagann. The award-winning series was previously owned by The SciFi Channel (when it was spelled that way) and first aired the series in 2008 as part of their Anime Monday scheduling.

Produced by animation studio Gainax (FLCL, Neon Genesis Evangelion) and written by Japanese novelist and playwright Kazuki Nakashima, Gurren Lagann originally found it’s footing with absurdist humor and surreal post-apocalyptic landscapes, frequently satirizing the popular “mech” genre of anime. The series eventually takes a dramatic turn, exploring themes of death, self-reliance, suicide, friendship and a heavy emphasis on existentialism. Without losing it’s surreal scope and humor, Gurren Lagann becomes a very emotional, weighted series that has been heavily analyzed by fans for it’s philosophical bearings.

Gurren Lagann takes place in the distant future, in a world where the human race has been mysteriously condemned to live in caverns deep below the surface. A boy named Simon, an outcast in his village, is an expert at drilling for treasure despite grappling with some major PTSD over the crushing (literally) death of his parents. Eccentric and theatrically machismo fellow villager Kamina assumes a “big brother” role for Simon, protecting him from danger and inspiring him to dig past the surface and discover the dangerous world above. The duo allign themselves with a diverse and colorful cast of friends, overcoming shocking twists and eventually learning the truth behind humanity’s downfall.


Gurren Lagann not only has a reputation for being an inspirational and deeply empowering series, it also spawned a popular internet meme back in the late 2000’s. Just don’t be surprised if you recognize some of the dialogue or a certain pair of orange shades.

I cannot emphasize this enough, Gurren Lagann is an incredible anime that deserves your time and attention. There’s a good reason why it is often mentioned in the same breath as FLCL, Death Note and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It is quite simply one of the most powerful and engaging anime series of the 2000’s.

Gurren Lagann will premiere through Adult Swim’s Toonami block on Cartoon Network August 16th at 2am.  If you don’t want to wait until then, you can always view the series on Crunchy Roll, Hulu, KissAnime or grab the dvd sets on Amazon.

Check out the official Toonami announcement here.


FYI- if you’re already a Gurren fan, they just released the official artbook in the United States in May.

First Trailer for Disney’s Big Hero 6 is out; Loaded with Easter Eggs


I’ve had my eye on this one for a couple of years now. Big Hero 6 is based on a Marvel comic book series, though I wouldn’t blame anyone for being unfamiliar with it. It never enjoyed the popularity levels of X-Men (though the team has included mutants Sunfire and Silver Samurai) but it has developed a small, dedicated cult following over the years.

You can add Big Hero 6 to the seemingly endless list of Marvel hero team-ups but it will never be lost in the fray. Big Hero 6 is something pretty different for a Marvel comic series- in many ways, it’s a glowing love letter to Japanese manga. The universe uses anime-style characters, powers and overall themes to tell it’s oddly charming stories, even taking place in a fictional fusion of Tokyo and San Francisco (San Fransokyo…yeah).


Disney’s movie adaptation of Big Hero 6 is currently being developed by the same team that brought us Frozen and Wreck-It Ralph. So if the source material doesn’t excite you, that certainly should.

Or just let the trailer speak for itself:

* People on Reddit, IMDB and Tumblr are already spotting Easter Eggs in the trailer, including a Frozen wanted sign, filmmakers Nathan Greno and Byron Howard and God’s phone number from Bruce Almighty.


Check out deals on Big Hero 6 books on Amazon

Jurassic World Dinosaur List & Map Revealed

Someone on Twitter just dropped a major info bomb regarding the new Jurassic Park film. The maps below are actually quite telling, showing us what dinosaurs to expect and possibly hinting at plot details.  For example, take note of Bracelet Scanband bit at the end. I’m willing to bet that’s going to be important.


Here’s an early look at the animatronic velociraptors, which look decidedly more akin the original design than what we got in JP3.