Jon Lajoie Hilariously Rips Every Annoying Ad of the Past 5 Years


It’s been really exciting to watch Jon Lajoie’s career take shape as he crawls outside of his taco shell and blossoms into a beautiful chalupa-fly. Those muddy low-grade home videos are long behind him but I don’t regret forcing my friends to watch Show Me Your Genitals at every party I went to six years ago. Seriously, it’s still funny as hell.  Ok, so perhaps not much has changed in my own life but Jon Lajoie has crossed over more than just the Canadian border. The aspring comic has gone from shooting rap videos about how normal his every day life was to co-starring on the FX comedy hit The League and getting his own Comedy Central special.  If you’ve seen his videos, it’s not hard to believe either.  The guy is absolutely hilarious.

Of course Jon’s YouTube channel seemed to slow down as his fame slowly grew- though every now and then he would bless us with another gem like his anti-marriage equality video. Today, Mr. Lajoie released a video that easily stands beside his classics with a surprisingly well-produced send-up of modern day commercials. It perfectly captures those sugary indie-pop songs that have candy-coated every mobile device ad since 2009.  Without spoiling the video’s charm, I’ll just warn viewers that it gets morbid in it’s last moments …though fans of his Cold Blooded Christmas carol probably won’t mind. Just watch it.

Other must-see Jon Lajoie classics:

Everyday Normal Guy

Everyday Normal Guy 2

Everyday Normal Crew

Show Me Your Genitals

Sunday Afternoon

High As F***

The Best Song

Cold Blooded Christmas

Marriage Equality

F*** Everything


Be sure to check out Jon Lajoie’s YouTube channel and his official website.

Mario Kart 8 kart customization options revealed!


It has been rumored for the past few weeks but never confirmed until now. Like it’s 3DS little brother, Mario Kart 8 will feature unlockable kart pieces for customizing your vehicle. Judging from a new presentation video, it appears that the overall customization for multiplayer racing is deeper as well, adding a category called “CPU vehicles” to the option menu. I am presuming this means we will be able to dictate what class of vehicles the CPU’s will be using in a multiplayer race but that’s just a guess based on the information revealed so far.

The aforementioned presentation video also gave us our first look at the UI of Mario Kart 8, also giving us a peak at customizable karts, character roster and cup selection screen. The secret characters are still a mystery but if you want to keep everything a surprise you’ll want to avoid looking at the info and screens below.

Here are the kart classes:

  • Mario Kart 8 Karts – Standard Kart, Airship, Classical Cat, Bad Wagon, G-Force, Para-Bidybud, Pipe Frame, Princess Coach, Sneaker, Steel Diver, Superstar, Tri-Smash, Turbo One.
  • Mario Kart 8 Bikes – Standard Bike, Broad Bean, Burning Bowl, Jet Rider, Mach GP, Maximum, Motor Dozer, Super Comet, Yoshi Bike.
  • Mario Kart 8 ATVs – Standard ATV, Bean Rider, Wild Wiggler.
  • Mario Kart 8 Tires – Standard Tires, Normal Blue, Ring Tires, Spicy Rings, Roller, Sky Rollers, Monster, Wild Hot, Sponge, Slick, Cyber Slick, Block Tires, Cream Blocks, Metal Tires, Wood Rings, Button Tires, Cushion Tires.
  • Mario Kart 8 Gliders – Super Glider, Cloud Balloons, Flower Glider, Koopa Kite, MKTV Parafoil, Parachute, Para-glider, Peach Parasol, Sail Plane, Waddlewing Kite, Wario Glider.

You can get a better look at the kart pieces, characters and race selection screen below:







Louie’s back!


After an entire year of waiting, the Emmy award-winning comedy series Louie is finally back.  Louis CK’s delightfully uncomfortable and equally hilarious series airs on FX, can be seen on Netflix Instant Watch or obtained through Amazon. Watch it. Watch all of it.

After taking an extended hiatus from the series to concentrate on other projects, including movie roles, a new HBO comedy special and developing new series for FX, Louis CK has returned all of his focus to writing, producing, directing and starring in the eponymous highly-rated series. Planned story-arcs from the upcoming season are mostly unknown though the teasers below imply further embarrassment and torture in the name of finding a new love. Also being kept under-wraps are the possible guest-stars for the upcoming season but if it’s anything like Season 3, we should expect some fun surprises.

As a thank you for the long wait, the fourth season will consist of 14 episodes despite FX only ordering the usual 13.

Louie returns to FX on May 5th with two back to back episodes. Check out the preview clips below to get a taste of the awkward humor you can expect this summer.




“Head Over Heels”



“Magic Wand”

“What’s Your Name?”

“Career Advice”



To check out tour dates or download any of his older comedy specials, visit Louis CK’s official website.

Greninja joins Super Smash Bros. on Wii U and 3DS


Along with a solo Charizard (sorry Squirtle and Venusaur fans, I’m upset too), the frog shinobi Greninja has joined the battle! He looks to be a very speed-oriented character, as would be expected with a ninja. Check out that tongue scarf.

Here are some quick reveals, followed by the full video:

  • The 3DS Smash will release this summer but we have to wait for winter to play the console version.
  • You can now customize your move sets
  •  Shiek and Zero Suit Samus are now seperate characters
  • Both of them, as well as most other characters (Sonic!) have been retooled and rebalanced
  • Both Charizard and Lucario can access their Mega Evolution forms.
  • Yoshi is back! He stands upright now and is said to be more powerful.
  • Kirby and Pit have new Final Smash moves.
  • Mega Man’s Final Smash is amazing

  • Villager’s Final Smash has the Nook family building a house on your opponents. Gold.
  • Almost every stage will have a no-nonsense, no-gimmick “Final Destination” version
  • Online play has been split into two modes: For Fun and For Glory
  • For Fun is anything goes while For Glory is no items, no customization and Final Destinations only
  • The 3DS version will feature a 4-player mode that resembles City Trial from Kirby’s Air Ride
  • Dark Samus, Midna and Animal Crossing’s Isabelle are among the new assist tropies

Here is the full Nintendo Direct. It’s got way more information on character changes, items, stages and features:





Cowboy Bebop Director’s Terrorism Anime May Cause Controversy

Hot off the hype of Space Dandy, Wantanabe is premiering yet another new series later this summer.  Zankyō no Terror or “Terror In Tokyo” will team Wantanabe with Cowboy Bebop composer Yoko Kanno and Samurai Champloo character designer Kazuto Nakazawa.

We’ve actually been hearing from Shinichiro Wantanabe a lot more in recent years. For the uninformed, Mr. Wantanabe directed two episodes of the Animatrix (Kid’s Story, Detective Story), the animated sequence in Kill Bill, the hip-hop infused Samurai Champloo(2004) and the critically adored Cowboy Bebop(1998).  In more recent years, we’ve seen the release of Kids on the Slope, a manga adaptation about misfit high school kids bonding over jazz, reuniting him with Cowboy Bebop music director Yoko Kanno.  Only two months ago the duo also premiered Space Dandy, a self-aware spoof of classic space-themed anime, on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block.   Often described as “Cowboy Bebop on acid”, you would do yourself a great disservice by not checking out this trailer.


Quite the resume, is it not? Though his new series looks to carry quite a different tone from his previous works…

Terror In Tokyo depicts a modern-day Tokyo in shambles after a massive terrorist bombing has wrought unimaginable death and destruction upon the city. Unbeknownst to the authorities, the terrorist group behind the violent attacks, known as Sphinx, are just two young boys…two young boys with grandiose plans that will encompass all of Japan.

Yes, that’s right. In his new series, the child protagonists are behind terrorist bombings in densely populated areas. While morbid concepts such as this are not exactly foreign to the medium, it’s quite shocking to see Wantanabe take this kind of route. Maybe the series will play out like Death Note, a cat and mouse game where the protagonist isn’t the good guy and is someone we eventually desire to see fail…most of us anyway. Even so, it’s hard to imagine a series like this reaching television without any controversy or objection, especially when it inevitably begins airing on Cartoon Network in the United States.


Look at the two smoking buildings in the promotional poster. If that’s not a bulls-eye for Fox News to use the word “anime” for the first time in it’s 18-year existence, I don’t know what is.

It is possible that the trailer and promotional materials are meant to mislead the audience, causing us to speculate how we could possibly root for child-characters who successfully execute 9/11-style attacks on a massive civilian population.  “Trust in Wantanabe” I say, he is a master of the unexpected and knows how to build a series that can be appreciated by an internationally wide audience.

He has my curiosity that’s for sure. Check out the first trailer:

Terror In Tokyo premieres in July.