Here’s a few of the Pokemon locations in Google Maps


Today, Google revealed what is likely to be their annually brilliant April Fool’s Gag. An augmented-reality Pokemon game that has been updated into Google Maps. Don’t let the heartbreaking trailer fool you, there’s no true VR here- but what you will find is a simple, addictive “Where’s Waldo”-style game spanning the entire world map.

If you’re ready to cheat, or if you just want the location of your favorite Pokemon, I’m working on a list right now:

  • Glaceon is on top of Mount Everest
  • Helioptile is enjoying the view from the Eiffel Tower
  • Noivern is reliving the 90’s in Portland, OR
  • Sudowoodo is pranking tourists on Easter Island (not Nosepass?)
  • Meganium is hanging out with Obama in the White House
  • Snorlax is hanging out with the Pope at the Vatican
  • Munchlax, however, is touring the Empire State Building
  • Pidgey is immediately visible after searching Toronto
  • Metagross is trolling Buckingham Palace
  • Wartorle is starting trouble in Hyde Park
  • Chatot is in the Sydney Opera House
  • Unown and a few others have escaped Area 51
  • Pikachu is resting on top of the Tokyo Tower
  • Raichu is on Decatur Street in New Orleans
  • Salamence is in Cardiff Bay
  • Empoleon has been seen enjoying the sea cliffs of San Francisco
  • Oshawott is enjoying a swim in Marina Bay
  • Hydreigon can be found in Lyon, France
  • Milktank should be easily found after searching Ohio
  • Lucario is part of the problem on Wall Street
  • Mawile is in Kuala Lumpur
  • Scraggy is in Alcatraz. Whoa.
  • Jolteon is at the Staples Center in Los Angeles
  • Spritzee is enjoying the rides at Disneyland
  • Togepi is enjoying the rides at Disney World
  • Garchomp is hiding behind the Great Wall of China
  • Sableye is hiding from Togepi in the Haunted Mansion
  • Steelix is in Jakarta
  • Rotom is at Radio Music Hall
  • Eevee is roaming Yankee Stadium
  • Vaporeon is enjoying The Palm Jumeira
  • Chesnaught escaped the London Zoo
  • Serperior is guiding tourists to the Statue of Liberty
  • Pumpkaboo is among the pyramids in Giza
  • Donphan can be found if you find Christ the Redeemer
  • Dragonite is keeping the dream alive in Loch Ness

I will update now and then with new locations.

A couple of tips: look around the Google corporate building in California and make sure to check famous buildings and historical landmarks. Also note that some people are reporting variants of these Pokemon and their locations, so it seems that the layout may differ between users or user locations.

Good luck!

Here’s The Full Trailer For The New ‘Ninja Turtles’ Movie


Fans of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle franchise have had a lot to be happy about with the success of the recent Nickelodeon animated series…but in the back of our minds, we all knew that something sinister was still on the horizon. We didn’t want to acknowledge it, to accept it, but there was no changing the facts. The Megan Fox-led, Michael Bay-produced Ninja Turtles live-action movie reboot was coming. Despite the awful script (which Michael Bay claims is no longer being used), the awful character redesigns and the controversial changes to the Turtle’s origin, the movie is happening.

– and soon.

The full trailer, which is attached to Captain America: Winter Soldier, was just released. Take a look…

I’ve been hoping that this movie won’t be awful. I want to like it. I want it to be good. I’m going to try to say nice things about it.

  •  Will Fichtner is in it. He’s a great character actor and was awesome in Prison Break.
  • Leonardo still uses katanas.
  • Michaelangelo looks like a terrifying combination of “Toxie” and a Cabbage Patch doll- see, damn it, I’ve already lost.


I don’t know anymore.

Awful ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ poster inspires Photoshop mockery

What you see above is the official poster for X-Men: Days of Future Past. Yeah, pretty awful. You’ll notice that I “forgot” to include it when I discussed the new X-Men trailer on Monday, opting for some pretty sweet fan-art instead. That was intentional. Not only are lighting and shadowing effects poorly done but the positioning of the characters is awkward at best. Placing a hovering wheelchair-bound Professor X (Patrick Stewart) above an unexplained cloud of fire was probably not the best idea.

Thankfully, the internet is host to thousands of people who are more skilled with Photoshop and have a better sense of humor, than whoever made the poster above.

Observe these superior modifications:



…and the grand finale (warning: immature humor). 

Official “Doge” car coming to NASCAR, thanks to Reddit

Look carefully at the hood of the rendered vehicle above. See anything? No? Keep staring and see if you notice anything familiar…


Yup, it’s the concerned shiba face from the “doge” meme that just won’t die. For those who haven’t already had their favorite subreddit or facebook wall infested with this adorable face, I will gladly fill you in with a bit of internet meme history.

In 2010 a kindergarten teacher posted images of her newly adopted shiba inu to her personal blog, including the image of the concerned facial expression seen above.  A few months later, a Reddit user took it upon themselves to share the humorous image along with a amusingly misspelled submission title, seen as LBMO LOOK @ THIS FUKKEN DOGE. The image of the dog slowly spread over Tumblr, 4chan and Facebook over the next two years until a new blog emerged under the name Shiba Confessions in August of 2012. The blog continued the tradition of referring to the shiba as “doge” also beginning to call the breed “shibes”, and started a trend of posting phrases in Comic Sans font over unrelated shiba images. In January of 2013 a subreddit called r/doge was started, dedicated solely to the rapidfire spreading of images like this one…



If that wasn’t enough, last December a user on a forum based around the popular digital currency BitCoin suggested starting a satirical currency based on the popular meme, calling it “Dogecoin”.


The idea was met with enthusiastic reception, an official website was launched as well as r/dogecoin, which in itself gained 2,600 subscribers within the first week. The currency became so popular that tech blogs and news sites were reporting that at it’s peak, the dog-faced virtual coins were worth $400 each.  Look at this insanity…LOOK AT IT.

The meme, now having transformed into a seemingly legitimate currency, reached a goal to bring Jamaican bob-sledders to the Olympics, helped a man sell his home and now, thanks in part to an entrepreneur accidentally donating 13,000 dollars to the cause, Reddit users at r/dogecoin have fully succeeded in bringing a doge-based car to NASCAR. The car is to be driven by racer #98 Josh Wise, who will be answering questions in a Reddit AMA tomorrow night at 9pm EST. 

What does this mean for the currency and shiba-based meme that seems to have outlived it’s expected lifespan?

Could we possibly end up getting physical doge currency?

Might we one day see rap videos where green doge-faced bills are raining from the hands of our favorite artists?

One can only hope.



Cool Stuff You May Have Missed In the New ‘X-Men’ Trailer

artist: Rich Davies

 I can’t lie. I’m very excited for X-Men: Days of Future Past to come out.

For those of you who still feel burned from the insultingly abysmal third X-Men film or the heart-breakingly bad Origins: Wolverine, I understand. Believe me. In fact, we were pretty damn lucky to get something as fantastic as X-Men: First Class after these two stinkers almost soiled the X-Men cinematic universe forever. We were especially lucky that the first two choices to direct X-Men 3, Bryan Singer (X-Men, X2) and Matthew Vaughn (Layer Cake), were brought in to work on the First Class as producer and director, respectively. As evidenced in X-Men and X2, Bryan Singer understands and loves the universe while Vaughn’s sensibilities to craft an exciting, coherent film made First Class  widely approachable beyond just a comic book audience.

Now we have X-Men: Days of Future Past, which will have Singer back in the director’s chair and Vaughn on writing duty. Singer promises that Days of Future Past will rectify the misdeeds of X-Men 3 while doing complete justice to what is arguably the most well-known story in the X-Men universe. Without spoiling too much, Days of Future Past will unify cast members of the original trilogy with the actors of First Class thanks to a darker story-line involving the use of time travel.

In case you missed it, the second trailer for Days of Future Past released earlier this morning:

It’s such a fast-paced and exciting trailer that it’s pretty easy to miss stuff.

  • Not that you missed Halle Berry’s Storm about to get killed by what I assume is a Future Sentinel.

  • We now have confirmation that it is indeed Kitty Pryde who sends Wolverine through time. This is a spin on the original comic story-line wherein Kitty herself passes through a time warp to fix things.



  • Quicksilver still looks ridiculous and has apparently duct-taped someone to the wall. …but hey, he has good taste in music!quicksilver  




  • …but wait, what the hell is he doing with the Sentinels? The Sentinels are his enemy- robots programmed to kill mutants!

This actually might be a scene right out of the Ultimate X-Men comics version of Days of Future Past (potential spoilers!).

  •  Blink (Bingbing Fan), a mutant with powers right out of the game Portal, is in the movie as well. In the trailer we get a quick shot of her in action, working in conjunction with the abilities of Iceman (Shawn Ashmore) and it’s pretty damn cool:

  •  We also get to see Sunspot in action and he is definitely not someone I would want to mess with-


  • Finally, we know that scientist Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) and his machines of mass genocide, “Sentinels” will be major villains but might there be a larger force behind the post-apocalyptic future? Many fans speculate that classic villain Nimrod will make an appearance in the film, and may in fact be the “big bad”. In the X-Men comic book lore, Nimrod is a self-aware descendant of the Sentinel with the ability to shape-shift and regenerate parts of his body. In the Ultimate universe, Nimrod’s programming is fused with the consciousness of X-Men antagonist William Striker, someone we first met in X2 and who is incidentally also appearing in this film.

What do you think?  Is this Nimrod?

X-Men: Days of Future Past opens in theaters everywhere on May 21st.

Check out deals on the original X-Men: Days of Future Past comics on Amazon!

Mean Girls, Close Encounters, Rocky and many others coming to Netflix April 1st

This is more of a PSA  than anything else. Netflix is adding a ton of great movies to the instant streaming queue on April 1st.  I’ve included all of the movie trailers through YouTube for your convenience: 

So yeah, now you can watch Mean Girls an additional 30 times- even though you already own it on DVD.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 – RiffTrax Crew return to TV!

I still remember seeing those robot heads at the bottom of the screen when I hung out with a friend who was lucky enough to have Comedy Central back in the mid-90’s. They were watching a 70’s spy movie and singing along to the crappy theme music, inserting the lyrics to a Herbie Hancock song…”Watermelonnn mannnn”. I couldn’t stop giggling. I still haven’t stopped. Mystery Science Theater riffed on low budget action movies and 50’s educational videos for more than 10 years, even releasing a movie in the theaters, where they watched the movie ‘This Island Earth’…yes, there was a movie about people watching a movie. Pretty meta and it was completely hilarious.


Since the series finale in 1999, the team has split into two groups. Original human friend to the robots, Joel Hodgson (above, left), took series regulars like Trace Beaulieu (Crow, the gold robot pictured above) and Frank Conniff and put on live shows of movie commentary called Cinematic Titanic. Second human host and head writer, Mike Nelson, along with Bill Corbett (Crow’s second voice) and Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo, the gumball machine robot pictured above) started up a service called RiffTrax. With RiffTrax you can download a hilarious mp3 commentary of almost any movie you can imagine, and sync it up with your own DVD collection.

Here’s a great sample of their antics:

The Rifftrax crew has a new gig now however. Calling it Total Riff-Off, the comedy trio will be taking over the National Geographic channel (NatGeo) on the evening of April Fool’s Day. The former Mystery Science Theater jokesters will spend the evening making snarky sarcastic comments over your favorite nature shows and animal documentaries. During a special on koalas, the host comments on koalas “don’t really do anything during the day”, Kevin Murphy retorts “Yeah, ’cause most animals have jobs.” When the host continues, calling koalas “lazy, smelly, and full of disease,” Murphy responds “So they’re like college students.” There are worse ways to spend a Tuesday evening than having some friends over for a few beers and watching a hilarious commentary making fun of those quiet, dignified nature shows you used to watch when you stayed home sick from school.

Total Riff-Off airs on The National Geographic Channel on April 1st, 8pm.


Make sure to visit their RiffTrax website and browse the ridiculously huge catalog of movie riffs

and check out deals on Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes and The Movie!

‘Hover’ combines Jet Set Radio with Mirror’s Edge. Yes, it looks awesome.


A brief gameplay trailer for Hover recently appeared on YouTube and damn if it doesn’t look like a fun time! Immediately viewing the world in a first-person perspective, we’re given a full tour of a colorful, cel-shaded futuristic city of the future through the help of some pretty nifty rollerblades. After a minute of parkour and airborne tricks, it’s clear that the developers are big fans of both Jet Set Radio and Mirror’s Edge…a marriage made in heaven, right? The footage shown makes the game look just as smooth and addictive as the titles that clearly inspired it. And if the idea of doing air flips in first-person perspective troubles your sensitive stomach, fear not- there is also an option to switch into third-person view.

What really impresses me is the fact that everything you see in that video was put together by a team of three people:

These guys are definitely on my radar now and I’m looking forward to seeing how Hover comes along, especially considering that the video above is only the game in it’s alpha stages.  There is a lot of more information on their Steam Greenlight page, you should definitely check it out  to see more of the game and support the project.

Oh, and if you’ve never played Jet Set Radio or Mirror’s Edge, fix that right now!

Pixar finally announces The Incredibles 2!



Earlier today during a Disney shareholders meeting, Pixar took the opportunity to detail their upcoming projects. Their big announcement?  They are finally making The Incredibles 2…and yes, Brad Bird will be involved.  This has arguably been the most requested Pixar follow-up since Toy Story 2. Brad Bird has been asked about it in so many interviews, it amazes me that he’s been able to promote any other project since the film’s 2004 release (10 years!).  During an interview with, Bird said the following:

“I want to do it because I have something that will be as good or better than the original. ‘Toy Story 2’ was, to me, a perfect sequel, because it absolutely respected the first film but found new places to go without selling out its characters. So if I could come up with an idea that is to ‘Incredibles’ that ‘Toy Story 2‘ is to ‘Toy Story,’ I would do it in a second.”

Given the man’s track record, I trust that he has come up with an idea strong enough to warrant a second film. It’s important to not get too excited though, Pixar’s upcoming release calender is pretty full.  We have Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur, Finding Dory and a movie about Dia de los Muertros filling out the next three years. We might not get to see this until 2017. Still…it’s coming. That’s all that matters.



-oh, and they also announced Cars 3.